Clarivate Analytics Releases the 2018 Journal Citation Reports

Clarivate Analytics publishes the annual Journal Citation Reports to help researchers identify target journals for their publishing needs. The Journal Citation Reports offer meaningful indicators to help researchers and institutions identify publications for various research requirements. The 2018 edition includes new information to offer academics deeper insights on journal performance.


Key Highlights of the 2018 Journal Citation Reports

Clarivate Analytics has been publishing the Journal Citation Reports since 1973. They rely on the core asset of the citation indexes, just like the Web of Science. Key highlights from the 2018 reports include:

● 11,655 journal listings;
● 80 countries represented;
● 234 disciplines;
● 276 new journals;
● 10% increase in Journal Impact Factors on average;
● 20 journals were removed to ensure the credibility of the reports (14 for Journal Self- Citation, while 6 for Citation Stacking);
● 1.2 million science citations and 303,000 social sciences citations were incorporated from the 2017 content of the Book Citation Index; and
● More than 64 million references were presented, with nearly 10 million in the Journal Impact Factor calculation alone.

The 2018 Journal Citation Reports noted that the management and business categories had the most new Journal Impact Factors. The Quarterly Journal of Economics had the highest Journal Impact Factor percentile score in 2018.



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