Information Literacy Programme

Information Literacy Programme is provided by the Library to educate and guide users (especially new users) in identifying their information needs. This services is provided to students, academic and non-academic staff. Through this programme, users will be taught the effective way to get the information from various sources. This will enable users to be more effective in searching information and later will be able to evaluate the information needed.

Benefits of This Programme

  1. Library users will be taught on how to use the services and facilities in a proper and effective way.
  2. Library users will be able to understand the search strategies to get relevant and update information effectively and effeciently.
  3. Enable library users to identify, access and evaluate information from various printed and electronic source.
  4. Library users will increase their ability to develop self confidence in accessing information and knowledge for teaching, learning and research.
  5. Library users will increase their ability to develop their information literacy skill in their respected fields in preparation to face changes in current information needs.

Programme Modules

  1. Library Introduction & Library Catalogue (WebOPAC & E-Books)
  2. Information Search Strategy
  3. Electronic Database/ Journal
  4. “Turnitin”