Research Services Section

  • Research Services Section, Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) was established on 16th February 2015.  This section offer services to assist research:
  • To prepare publication performance report of UPM & higher education institutions required by the Ministry, University top management, Faculties, Institutes, Centres and Department.
  • To provide publication performance report of UPM researcher / academician for employment, promotion or contract extension. Those interested may fill in the request form [Publication Performance Verification Form ] and e-mail to or submit to Research and Information Services Division, Level 1, Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad.
  • To assist Putra Science Park in conducting prior art search for intellectual property protection request.
  • To manage Research Information Portal contents to facilitate access to research information resources.
  • To provide face to face consultation and training sessions related to research / publication tools.
  • To conduct analysis/research to enhance library services.